Superintendent Message -November, 2019

Superintendent Message -November, 2019

Student achievement results

Each year, Alberta Education reports on numerous performance measures for Alberta school divisions in a report known as the Accountability Pillar Report.  Our updated results show that 63% of students (combined in grades 6 and 9) achieved the Acceptable Standard on the Provincial Achievement Tests, and 8.3% achieved the Standard of Excellence.

Updated results on the Provincial Diploma Exam courses show that 74.7% of students achieved the Acceptable Standard, and 14.8% of students achieved a Standard of Excellence.

In PRSD, we place a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. Both skills are crucial to the overall development, and whether these skills are strong or weak, they have a ripple effect that impacts all subject areas. In addition to providing the support and resources our students and staff need, we place a divisional focus on the Collaborative Response Model. The model is rooted in the foundation of collaboration among staff, data-informed decision making, frequent and formative assessment practices, and timely intervention to ensure all students experience success.

Thank you to our students, staff, and parents for your dedication to student achievement. It is through learning and working together that students are provided with high-quality educational opportunities that allow them to experience their full potential.

 Paul Bennett,
 Superintendent of Schools 
 Peace River School Division